ToursRoyal Swim Plus Tour

Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

Imagine swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos! The Dolphin Royal Swim Plus program is best defined by the words "action" and "speed." It is the most dynamic of all the programs to swim with dolphins, and in it, you will have an experience of a lifetime.

You will do fun activities with the marine mammals, you can say hello and kiss them, they will take you for a ride at full speed through the water during the Dorsal Tow and afterwards, the dolphins will propel you from the soles of your feet to push you on the water surface at the famous Foot Push.

* Duration:

20 minute swim with sea lions, 40 minute swim with dolphins and 20 minute camel 

* Includes:

Camel trek, transportation, food and beverage.

* Available:

Monday to Saturday