NewsNew Restaurants Opening at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Finally introducing two new specialty restaurants on Heaven side at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya! First up we have WAI, a Thai inspired eatery serving items such as handmade noodles. WAI takes you on a journey exploring the unique and exotic flavors found in Thai cuisine. Next up is UMO, a traditional Mexican Yucatan restaurant housing a PIB oven for underground baking, smoking and steaming. Authentic cooking techniques are of utmost value at UMO! 

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WAI Thai cuisine

Experience the culinary delights of the deep jungle at the Thai inspired WAI. Experimenting with spices such as mint, curry and so many more, savor unique and exotic Thai dishes. At the center of this gastronomic journey are the handmade noodles visible from the wok show station. Styled in flavors varying from salty and sweet to acidic and spicy, WAI offers a creative take on the fundamentals of Thai meals

  • Capacity: 90 seats inside and 30 outside
  • Hours: 5:30 pm until 11:00 pm
  • Dress Code: Fine dining casual
  • Age: Adults (18+)
  • Location: Heaven side (by the Eden pool (previously Oasis pool))
  • See Menu
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UMO Mexican Yucatan cuisine

Maintaining cultural traditions and cooking methods at the forefront, UMO offers Mexican Yucatan cuisine using local and seasonal ingredients. As smoke and fire play an integral role in the food preparation, UMO houses a Mayan PIB oven, an underground earth oven, where menu items like pork can be smoked, baked or steamed. Enjoy handmade artisanal tortillas and guacamole all while taking in the customs of Mexican gastronomy.

  • Capacity: 148 seats inside and 34 outside
  • Hours: 5:30 pm till 11:00 pm.
  • Dress code: Fine dining casual
  • Age: Adults (18+)
  • Location: Heaven side (by the Eden pool (previously Oasis pool))